Here is episode number 2 of the series. In this episode he is joined by his nephew Ernest Stoole. I did have to convert the video because for some reason the original aspect ratio of the video was stretched.

Great American Turd Hunter Episode 2

After being with Ting for several years, I have decided to give Project Fi from Google a try. I have been thinking about doing this for some time now but had a hard time switching from Ting.

Trying out Project Fi mobile service from Google

This appears to be the last episode in the series…. or was it?  Well there may be some missing footage that will be posted in the future.

Great American Turd Hunter Episode 3

Live music Enjoying some videos of Keith and some music today. Great job by Andy with setting up the event. Some great stories.

Kleebz Music Tribute

Sling TV now has Chromecast support (about time) and you can also get two months free if you are a new customer. Even if you don’t plan on keeping the service why not take the 2 months? I just set myself a reminder on my phone just before the two […]

Sling TV on Chromecast and Two Months Free

Well after much digging and searching I have found enough of the Turd Hunter videos with Wallace T. Stoole. The quality of some of the earlier ones leaves much to be desired but they were recorded years ago.  I am still going through some of the un-edited stuff to see […]

Great American Turd Hunter Episode 1

Was just a matter of time before I posted some music. I don't know much about what I am going through so more will come in the future.

Magic Beans

Keith shows his feelings for printers (printers suck)

Tough Love

In this video from 2008 Keith investigates the replacement of a barbed wire fence by Karl. This one I am pretty confident of the date.

Barbed Wire

Just a couple video clips of Keith doing one of the things he loved. Making music.

Keith Making Music

I don't really know much about this video except that it is Keith just being Keith. Just one of his many random videos that he seemed to like to record for no real reason.


The King of PBR. Not 100% sure on the date just going on what the file says. I will be having a PBR in a few days in his honor.

King of PBR

I don't know a date on this one but it is from awhile back from the looks of things. In this video the Tree Warden takes on the Evil Axe Man.

The Tree Warden

A vote for Wallace P. Stoole is not a wasted vote. This gem speaks for itself. Which reminds me there is a video I need to find featuring Wallace P. Stoole…..

Vote for Wally