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Magic Beans

Was just a matter of time before I posted some music. I don’t know much about what I am going through so more will come in the future.


Tough Love

Keith shows his feelings for printers (printers suck)


Barbed Wire

In this video from 2008 Keith investigates the replacement of a barbed wire fence by Karl. This one I am pretty confident of the date.



I don’t really know much about this video except that it is Keith just being Keith. Just one of his many random videos that he seemed to like to record for no real reason.


King of PBR

The King of PBR. Not 100% sure on the date just going on what the file says. I will be having a PBR in a few days in his honor.


The Tree Warden

I don’t know a date on this one but it is from awhile back from the looks of things. In this video the Tree Warden takes on the Evil Axe Man.


Vote for Wally

A vote for Wallace P. Stoole is not a wasted vote. This gem speaks for itself. Which reminds me there is a video I need to find featuring Wallace P. Stoole…..


Active Again

So I have not changed anything on the site since Keith passed away, but I have now decided to do something. I am not sure what at the moment but even if I do...